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NTT Technologies

If you order equipment for the open market, then the official participation of our company is not required. You order directly from the factory. Our participation may be required only if it is necessary to obtain licenses (if our Chinese partner does not have them).

Our Advantages

- will be under our direct control and oversight

- the acceptance testing will be done by our engineers at the end of production

- equipment will run our software, which is protected from copying and can only be used in a limited set of devices (this eliminates unsanctioned manufacturing in other factories and in partner factories).

We honor existing contracts first, and will not onboard new clients if it negatively affects existing clients.
We always look at problems from our clients’ perspectives and try to understand their needs.
We have virtually no limitations in configuring hardware and software for client needs.
The majority of our employees and engineers are from Belarus. Belarusian programmers are well known and established in the world. (Many have probably heard of companies such as Wargaming (World of Tanks) and EPAM.)
Please let us know if you find anyone else that can match our offering, and will will prove you the opposite. At this time, we partner with one Chinese company, but we own the significant portion of software, and have an agreement in place that gives us the control of updates and production. Who can make equipment to match ours? Only companies with a long history and specialization in measuring devices. But can they match our price? Just look at the range of Promax devices and compare the features to our devices. The answer is obvious!
Creative thinking allows us to adopt technologies at a lower cost.

The reasons why you haven’t heard about us previously, and why are we entering the international market

Until recently, we have worked primarily in the Eurasian Economic Union market (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia). But due to recent changes in economic trends (growth of the government sub-effective sector and contraction of the private sector) and with the situation of providers in Russia — we have less of a chance to realize big projects inside the Eurasian Economic Union. For reference, the subscription cost of the largest operator, Tricolor, amounts to less than $2 per month for 250 channels, the minimal cost and most popular bundle of operator NTV+ is less than $1 per month. In addition to that, there are relatively low employee salaries in the Eurasian Economic Union. Therefore, operators don’t have incentives to integrate our solutions and don’t have as much buying power.