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AndroidTV Interface

IPTV/OTT box without an Android TV Interface is the sign of a user-unfriendly cheap Chinese device.

Our IPTV/OTT Boxes Features


Problems of conventional IPTV/OTT boxes with AOSP

If you know a bit about Android IPTV/OTT boxes, you should know that they originally had a smartphone operating system installed. And using mobile phone apps on those boxes causes huge problems for users. Try to go to Netflix and find something there without connecting the mouse to the set-top box. Almost all mobile apps have problems when used on Android set-top boxes. That's why Android TV was developed, and all Android TV apps have been adapted to use the remote control. In fact, selling set-top boxes without Android TV is a sign of a lack of concern for the consumer and a sign of a cheap Chinese product. But official Android TV imposes its own limitations. Both in terms of the capabilities of the software, which must be certified by Google, and in terms of the price of the end product.

What do we offer?

You get a product that is very close in price to cheap Chinese AOSP boxes, but has an Android TV Interface. In addition, we customise the software. For example, we install apps by default when we first turn it on and remove the need to enter gmail (you only need to link to google when logging into Google Play). Also, the installed apps often include our modified Stalker apps

What else is worth looking at?

Often the Chinese install viruses hidden from the user in their software. For example, the receiver connects to its Chinese server when it is switched on. And if this server does not respond, the receiver will not boot up. Or, all the logins and passwords to the server entered by the user are leaked to a remote server in China. We don't do this kind of fraud and we work honestly.