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  • Technologies that open up new roads
  • Open Web API is finished
  • Apps and extension are created

Technology # 1       Receiver-Analyser-Meter-Finder (R.A.M.F.)


Universal Device

Every receiver is also a professional sat-finder, analyser and meter. All in one!

Analyser and Meter

We measure and control 12 different technical parameters

Finding a Fault

We can detect the place and the type of the problem with signal

Fix-it-Yourself Instructions

We can tell consumer where the problem is, what they need to do

Sending the Report

We can send diagnostics reports to the operator or any other company

Satellite Dish Installation

R.A.M.F. makes the installation very smart and simple

Operator Benefits


Reducing the Number of Calls to the Support Service

The consumer can investigate the issue on their own and in certain cases fix it by themselves. We can develop step-by-step guides for self diagnosis and fixing. At each step of the process, the program analyzes the current state of the system and suggests next steps.

Fewer On-Site Visits for Installers

There will be significant time and money savings with each on-site visit of the installer, due to preliminary understanding of what the issue is after upfront diagnostics have been performed by the consumer. As a result, the headcount of installers can be decreased.

The Ability to Receive Channel Viewing Statistics

Obtaining statistics on TV channel views will allow you to optimize the channel package and not pay for unnecessary

Forward the Call to a Specialized Department

Operators will receive information about the issue even before the consumer calls to report the issue. The call will be directly forwarded to a specialized department instead of to the generic support line

An Accurate Work Order Estimate Prior to an On-Site Visit

If a problem occurred with the LNB or antenna configuration — the consumer can make a photo of the direction to the satellite can be taken and attached to the report. That way, operator will determine the level of labor and the cost of the repair

No Overstatement of Cost of Works on the Part of Contractors

The operator knows the type of fault and what the installer should do before the installer leaves. This ensures that the contractors do not overestimate the cost of work when troubleshooting the problem.

Service Quality Improvement

Because of upfront diagnostics, only defective or failed devices will be serviced. In some cases, we will refrain from servicing and simply ship failed new equipment to the customer. If you deal with contractors, this will allow complete control and oversight over their services

Generating Act of Conducted Work

It can be implemented that without a good signal, the act will not be generated at all. If a consumer is not willing to re-do the cables, an act can be generated with corresponding clauses that the consumer is aware of the existing issues

Solving Recurring Problems

In the case of unidentified periodic issues from the consumer with external equipment -- it creates an opportunity to install R.A.M.F. to find the problem in satellite system

Assess the Quality of Service Performed by External Installers and Dealers

A list can be generated for each installer of performed work orders, problem rates, and warranty periods. This feature is important for operator to control its dealers.

Detailed Statistics About the Quality of Equipment

Installed on a smartphone app can be enhanced with a bar code reader to be used for first-time installation. This will allow operator to obtain detailed statistics about the quality of equipment from different manufacturers and different shipments. The statistics will allow us to assess and control the suppliers.

Non-Specialized Stores Become More Important

Our technology allows consumers to locate problems, and provides guidance to troubleshoot the problems. Well-configured systems result in fewer device returns, and results in more satisfied consumers.

Wholesaler Benefits


Unique Products

At the moment, all trading companies offer the same thing. We offer revolutionary new products. Which are very easy to advertise

Promotion Assistance

Most receivers have very cheapened hardware. If you provide us with samples for comparison or detailed photos, we will describe in detail where and which nodes of competing models are cheaper and in which use cases this will cause problems for users

Increased Sales Efficiency Through Chain Stores

The number of returns will be minimized due to the super-easy installation of the antenna and due to the diagnostic and troubleshooting system

The Ability to Sell More to the Same Customer

For example, the cable from the antenna is connected to one TV. And there are only 3. Buying 3 receivers will allow the client to watch both the current broadcast and recordings on any of the three TVs

Significant Service Improvement

It is possible to remotely configure the receiver. Also, thanks to remote diagnostics, it becomes clear who to send to the client

Significant advantage of DVB over IPTV for mobile devices

The streaming function from the receiver does not depend on the incoming Internet, does not affect the speed of devices connected to the Internet, has much better image quality

Consumer Benefits


Financial Profit

The lower operator expenses lead to lower fees with the same profit

Lower Consumer Costs

Accurate problem diagnosis allows consumers to fix the issue themselves, in some cases. Сonsumers could buy a new LNB or new receiver, fix the connector, or lay a new cable, etc. This leads to lower expenses on the consumer’s side

Transparent Pricing

If an on-site visit by a professional is required, the consumer is aware of the problem ahead of time, and won’t have to dispute or question the type of work performed or the charges. Transparent pricing results in happier consumers

Technology # 2      DVB2IP Bridge


Universal bridge

We propose making the receiver a universal bridge between DVB and smartphones / tablets / computers and TVs.

Open Web API

Open Web API gives the opportunity to make your own or to modify applications and extensions. This applies not only to ordinary DVB functions but also to our unique R.A.M.F. and S.M.D.Network functions.

Simple device for any content - HD, 4K, 8K.

It is possible to transmit any DVB content (HD, 4K or even 8K) to network using simple cheap device.

Operator Benefits


One application for all content

Our technology creates an opportunity for using one application for IPTV and DVB

Easy to support

Many operators started to develop android set-top-boxes. But it is very hard to support them. It is much easier to support one application.

Cheap solution for a long time

Our devices provide significant cost savings. And they can be used even for 8k transmission

Wholesaler Benefits


Unique goods and services

Every trademark owner can make his own applications and extensions. The hardware can be the same - but sw can be different!

Flexible solution

We can develop Web API. And this will allow to add new features for the customers.

Easy-to-use for nonstandard situation

Our solution is very comfortable to use in cars, boats, trailers, etc.

Customer Benefits


Universal solution without adapters

Our devices can be connected via wi-fi and lan. Any DVB can be received without adapters

DVB solution for all platforms

We make it easy to receive any DVB content on any Android, iOS, Windows or Linux device.

Money saving solution

Our device is very cost-effective, and has many various applications

Technology # 3      Smart Media Devices Network (S.M.D.Net)


One network for all media devices

We propose making the receiver an easy-to-use and universal intermediary between smartphones / tablets / computers and TVs.


The receiver must be able not only display content on the TV, but also send it to any connected device within the local network. That is, be able to stream content to the local network

Play content from the web link

The receiver must play any TV youtube or other media content via a web link sent from an external device. Searching for content in the receiver itself, from our point of view, is extremely inconvenient and not rational

Remote control

The consumer must be able to control the receiver remotely from a mobile device or a computer

All content must be available

The receiver must be playable and play any available content on the local network

Operator Benefits


Leave the competition behind with internet services

Thanks to the thoughtful design of our receivers, they will sell because of Internet services. And DVB broadcasting will be a complimentary service.

The ability to sell dvb content to those who do not have a TV at all

Receiver can be used even without connected TV set or a monitor as it will have its own Access Point and software remote control capability. Meaning a new type of customers who might not even have TV but need constant or periodic DVB-content.

Individual packages of TV channels

Since many clients’ receivers will be connected to the internet, you can gather the statistics of used channels. In a few months you will have details of consumer preferences and can then do targeted offerings, such as offering personalized channel selections.

Wholesaler Benefits


New market - DVB devices for mobile gadgets

Access Point, software remote control and streaming capabilities - and the receiver can be used without a TV or monitor which will be connected to it.

New market - devices for transmitting from a mobile gadget to a TV

You can organise mass sales in the market of special devices for transmitting content from a mobile gadget to a TV (miracast, googlecast and airplay devices).

Alternative device to android IPTV set-top boxes

Why you should search on an android set-top box when you can easily find it on your phone and send a link in order to play it then on the receiver? In this case, our device is a bridge between a smartphone/tablet/laptop/computer and a TV.

Customer Benefits


Ecosystem of smart media devices

Connecting all smart devices and TV sets in a household to a single ecosystem. Any content can be played on any device.

DVB content without TV set

The receiver can be used even without TV set or a monitor as it will have its own access point, software remote control and streaming capability.

Streaming advantages

Streaming function from the receiver is independent from the speed of the internet or the number of connected devices, and has a superior quality of picture.

Bridge between smart devices and the TV Set

Why search for content on android box if you can easily find it on a smart phone and forward it to the receiver? In this case our device basically plays role of the bridge between all your smart devices and the TV set.

Technology # 4      R.A.M.F. LNB


Allows you to install the antenna using R.A.M.F.

It is not an ordinary LNB. It can fix the antenna's position. This allows the user to show the required rotation of the LNB and the required angle of the antenna.

Allows to calculate a number of technical parameters

Thanks to R.A.M.F. LNB can measure the attenuation of the control signal 22kHz and measure the voltage drop across the cable

Antenna vibration

We can measure the vibration of the antenna and evaluate its effect on signal strength